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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on brotherhood way after 10:00 last night. he died at the scene. motorcyclist is also help juried and taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. >> crews in san francisco will repair a sinkhole that nearly swallowed an uber fill with passengers. you will be amazed they walked away. but not without a story to tell. amy hollyfield is at mission and near montgomery. >> they had a plane in cash but this got in the way, this is what it lookings like this morning: this is the sinkhole that will snarl the commute if you use mission street. this is shut down. people stopped when the sinkhole opened up at mission and montgomery. when people were taking pictures people figured something major was happening and they thought that maybe it was a flat tire because they felt the car shift.
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>> i felt a bang and go down. >> we came out and it was shocking to see the big, big hole there. wow. we never imagined that is what was happening. >> check out the cell phone video taken of s.u.v. pull to safety the family was shaken but recovered and figured out another way to get to the airport to catch the flight home to los angeles. crews on the scene are say this sinkhole at mission and montgomery was caused by a protecten sewer line and brick sewer main is from 1875. no estimate of when it will be repaired. this will be reopened but it will be closed at least through today. i am glad they are okay. i would have taken bart after that. >> when you see news where you live, share it with us by
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posting it on social media #abc7now . >> a period is debt after back to become house fires in san jose, and the firefighter had minor buns and another was treated for heat exhaustion of highway 7. a dog was resolution -- rescued but a cat died. the firefighters responded to a first at a duplex near the sunrise plaza shopping center. that was started by food left on a stove. >> if you use the sole networking site you notice changes in how to report suspicious activity in the neighborhood. this is after complain of racial profile on the san francisco site. tiffany is here with the details >> a company is committed to ending racial profiling on the neighborhood forums. we reported the problem months ago enoakland advocacy groups
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discovered people posting what they thought was "suspicious," if you use site you may have noticed african-american male, baggy patches and hooded september shirts. the "san francisco chronicle" reports the ye met with oakland leaders to announce the series of changes. now you can flag a post for racial would feeling and a mandatory format on the forum. you have to choose whether you are reporting a crime, a suspicious activity or something else. and when you describe the people involved you cannot just say the gender and ethnicity but you have to say what they were wearing though to and if you violate the rules the post can be removed. the features will be released to all 98,000 forum when the process is refineed. >> happening today, another call for scrutiny in the san francisco police department. civil rights attorney john burris and a birthday coalition
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of city and community groups will ask the state tone scene to investigate the department. burris is calling on kamala harris to address scandals. the city supervisor introduced a resolution asking for a similar investigation. the public defender has done the same. >> 45 people are dead in baghdad in a car bombing. officials say it slowed in a included outdoor market. 65 other were injured. isis is claiming responsibility. local officials are denying the terrorist premium is behind the bombing. >> the justice department said it will not seek the death penalty against this man suspected ringleader in the deadly attack on the consulate in benghazi, bay area native chris stevens was among the four machines killed in the 2012 attack. lawyers for the suspect implored the prosecutors to remove capital punishment. he was captured by special forces in 2014.
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>> donald trump looking to the white house with a list of potential running mates now at five or six people as "deep political resumes." without challengers he took the republican votes in west virginia and nebraska the he is the presumptive nominee with 1,107 delegates the on the democratic side, bernie sanders pick up a much needed victory in west virginia and hillary clinton still hold as big heed with 800 delegates and bernie sanders needs to pick up 98% of all of the remaining delegates. >> bernie sanders is holding two rallies in california today. we were at the campaign office in oakland when he thanked the volunteers yesterday. he told our reporter that he knows the odds are stacked but he is willing to fight. >> first thing we learn. nobody not we would be standing
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a chan to win in california on june. uphill fight is not something that gets me nervous. i done that from day one. >> he stopped in san francisco to ask for support from the "san francisco chronicle" challenging hillary clinton to a debate before the primary and the hillary clinton can pain has not responded. all the first none case of zika virus is not a risk to the community. the person who accounted the verse while visiting central america and is spread by a mosquito that has not been detected in marin. all the owner of a boat stuck in san francisco bay is waiting for high tide to be freed from the water. the people on the boat had to be rescued. the owner said the boat had a mechanical problem and it stopped working. it floated and was stuck in shallow water and everyone now is safe. >> time to talk about san
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francisco the cloud cover is coping us uniform from 50 at west portal and 51 elsewhere, and ocean beach at 53. now the rest of the the neighbors, richmond and san leandro at 52 and santa clara at 51 and tracy is 60 degrees and walnut creek is 55 and american can beyond and petaluma is 51 degrees. the activity lapper today is mild to warm as you walk the dog and strong sunshine if you eyebacking and bicycling, the road is dry. sfo is going to have flight arrival delays. 60s around san francisco and the coast and the rest of us in the 70s and 80s and maybe some 90s tomorrow before the shift brings cooler weather and the forecast on friday. the rest of the weekend is ahead. frances? >> we start off in the east we at interstate 80 with westbound traffic getting more busy as you head to the toll plaza and a reminder there is a joint game at 12:45 and it will be we
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difficult in and out of san francisco if you are traveling an lunch time hour and we are keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge because of injury accident in the eastbound direction. four headlights not causing delay yet at this point and i am checking out the sensor. we moving at 62 minute. next i will tell you the slow down we are starting to see on westbound 580. >> people try to get help from police and firefighters in the north bay could be hitting a roadblock, the concern of marin county's new emergency response system. >> mvp again, steph curry brand on the rise. on the rise. what dude, dude, dude. this is bad.
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help support the trust for public land and the gift of parks today. >> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. 23-year-old bicyclist is in the hospital. with life threatening injuries. she was hit by a car in san francisco. it happened before 7:30 last night. an 1-year-old man was driving car and remained at the scene. drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. >> there is concern in marin that a voter approved measure for cover a radio system does not go far enough. voters narrowly approved a measure to add four new antennas to the 9-1-1 emergency system
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that is outdate but it does not adequately cover the 2,900 easiers. the county will take proposals to politic the problem until july 22nd. >> marin county deputies are wearing body cameras, the supervisors have approved a contract to purchase 100 cameras for the sheriff, and the five year contract will cost taxpayers more than $1 million. >> investigators are still trying to figure out why a man want on a deadly stabbing spree south of bought after crashing a car. arthur derosa broke into a house, stabbed an 80-year-old woman and her daughter, the mother died. he stole another car and crashed into a macy's got out and stabbed four people at a restaurant. one person died there. the deputy eventually killed the 28 carry old and his sister said he was hospitalized and hospitalized with depression a day before the rampage.
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>> drug agent are saying nothing about the search of the prince compound in minnesota. he saw a doctor the day before he died curing to the search warrant. the doctor had previously written prescriptions for print. >> relief for spiraling rent increases coming to san jose. this will be a new 5% cap on rent hikes that will happen in mid-union. some renters hoped it would be effective immediately much the cap covers 44,000 apartments around the city under rent control. >> the warriors will hold the coming shoot around before game five against the trail blazers and they can close out the series with poverty land and advance to the finals with a win. unanimous mvp steph curry is honored in appropriate of the home crowd at oracle arena before tip-off. cornell barnard has more on the back-to-back mvp.
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>> steph curry's come back after knee enjoy was a jaw dropper, the stuff of legends scoring 40 points, 17 in overtime points. >> he started connecting and pounded it, like, i'm back. >> two friends were in such aw. they bought steph curry jerseys. >> curry was humbled to receive the m.p. award again this year but it was so special. >> to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something...i don't know how to put it in words. >> he led the warriors to 73 wins scoring 30 point as game, the first player to make 400, three pointers if a season. not bad occurring steph curry is only the 5th highest paid on the team. >> we are talking $20 million opposed to $10 million.
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>> a marketing professor said the steph curry brand is about to spread. mvp gather is already for sale online. he is the face of under armor, apple, muscle make and brita water filters with more dole on the way. >> what is next? >> win the championship. >> dub nation is peopling with pride. >> amazing story. proud to be a warriors fan. >> aren't we all? >> we have saved the best for now. not steph curry but his daughter, riley, again, stealing the show. are you see what she is doing? we need to find out who she was pointing to, exactly, in the dropped row but she is watching that person real close. a dozen familiar members were at the news conference as he received the m.p. award but when
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riley enters the room all eyes are on her. >> she steals show. >> what was that person say about her daddy or her mommy. >> she has more style than anyone, any adult. >> she is amazing. >> we have a marine layer a thousand foot deep and creating fog and cloud cover mainly in the north bay but not quite making it to the inland east bay neighborhood in the south bay. it could creep into the south bay as you can see in the san jose camera, at 87 where there jose camera, at 87 where there is a solina surging highs, warming trend tomorrow and cooling on friday and a seasonal weekend.
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now, notice by 9:00, inland east bay, by 10:00, the south bay and by noon, all of us cleared with lingering clouds an the bay but the clouds will be clinging to the coast in the low 60s and 70s and 80s in the bay inland. in the south by we have temperatures around 79 to 81 and san jose at 80. 80 in mountain view and dropping to 71. a lost mid-to-upper 60s. low-to-mid 60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown and sausalito. mid-70s to 80s through the north bay and along the east bay shore berkeley is 74. inland, castro stream is 80 and 1 to 86 inland neighborhood. my seven-day forecast is. er tomorrow. back to average on friday and through the weekend with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. and a few high clouds. frances? >> i were you enjoyed watching wizards of waverly with your son. >> had to, just to make sure it was appropriate.
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>> outed him! >> we have better news on the san mateo bridge, the injury crash eastbound has been cleared. it never caused any delay. now, westbound 580 is slow and moving around 35 miles per hour already. from tracy to dublin is now 35 minutes. westbound 4, antioch to concord is thin minutes. and the drive on south 101 to san rafael, that is delay free. bart is on time. ace train one is back on time and you are good to go on mass transit. >> member of the grateful dead spinoff "rock the house," on jimmy kimmel and they used the appear an to support the legalization of pot. >> we are part of the community and want to make sure we not only work here but we are actually supportive. >> only abc7 sit down with the founder of twitter to take but the a project he is most proud of. first, america's money.
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>> good morning, topping america's money, mega merger between staples and office depot >> a judge rules the $6.3 billion would trigger higher prices for businesses bay office supplies. staples and office depot do not plan to appeal. >> under armor was a winner after the announcement of the steph curry second straight m.p. award. the company launched and sold out of limited steph curry basketball schneckers. the steph curry shoe line has fueled skyrocketing sales. >> and now, pee future butter cups filled with reese's pieces >> reese has been dropping hints on facebook posting pictures like this peanut cup with text. like this peanut cup with text. >> now you
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all the mayor of las vegas is confident the raiders will move to her city. she said raiders owner assure her las vegas is not getting played at part of the stadium deal and davis said he is open to staying in the bay area but has not struck a deal. the mayor said las vegas 10 destination for fans from the bay area, los angeles, really, all over the west. >> only on abc7, twitter c.e.o. tells us he is more committed than ever to helping the community surrounding the headquarters.
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yesterday, twitter celebrated the first anniversary of a community text base in the heart of san francisco's mid-market neighborhood. it is called neighbor nest, provide homeless and low income residents with access to computers and technology. twitter employees go across the street to volunteer with the neighborhood families in need. >> this is where we live and work, our community, and we want to be part of this. >> a neighbor net hosts free computer classes and employment workshop while providing child care. >> fight to localize a recreational use of marijuana going mainstream? the grateful dead spinoff group sidestepped tradition and puffed up the pet cause on jimmy kimmel ♪ smoke the green ♪ way down >> initially they asked in groups could sponsor the show but it was shot down so they invited hundreds of supporters
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to pack the outside concert. california voters have a chance to legalize marijuana in november. the tour wrapped up in mountain you have on july 30. >> south bay man will be honored at white house for the work mentoring community college students. gary cooper has been a grounds keeper at san jose city and ever friend valley colleges for 40 years, and volunteered as a mentor with ever green college's affirm program made him one of the "champions of change," award recipients assisting students in developing positive self image. congratulations, sir. >> now, what will happen today hour by hour in redwood city where we starting off at 54 and by noon we are 68 degrees topping out at 74 at 3:00 and back into the 60s by 7:00. if you are going to the game this afternoon it will be breezy and sunny. and the high burn factor today because you will not feel the warm the on the skin because of
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the breeze. 6 at 12:45 warming to 67 by 3:45. we will start off in lake tahoe where it is sunny. 91 in fresno, afternoon sunshine limited and 66 in monterey, and low-to-mid 60s in san diego and los angeles. frances? >> good morning, everyone, we will start with a live shot of 680 and walnut creek with traffic looking good, southbound on the right happen side beyond north main through highway four and delay free. we will head to the south bay showing you light traffic right now on 280, highway 17, right across the screen. heads you on the peninsula with road work still going on that shut down the connection on northbound 280 to when 92 scheduled to be closed until 7:00 this morning. >> the former radar tower will be a new historic site in santa clara, with the board paying it
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official, the radar was designed to locates and respond to any possible soviet air attacks during the cold air. preservationist were fighting for areas to protect the tower from demolition. >> silicon valley liquor store in operation for more than 130 years is closing. it opened back in 1882 in menlo park. the grandsons of the founder are in their 70s. this is no one to take over management so the family is selling the prosecute. 20 people work at the store, no word on the exact closing date. >> homeless encampment under highway 101 in san francisco is gone. sky 7 was above the highway as crews dismantleed the tents that made up the camp. people are encouraged to relocate to a shelter at pier 80 where councillors are ready to help. >> and now a report that is saying 10% decline in smoking reduces health care costs by $63
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billion. republicker say they found clear evidence that when people quit there is a ranch it decline in health care costs. when they quit the risk of heart attack and stroke drop by 50% in a year. >> the commute in downtown san francisco could be a hassle. this is why: a challenge while crews repair a sinkhole. >> heads up to homeowners in the most fire reason areas, what you need is done around your home in the next week.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 5:00 a.m. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. it is wednesday, may 11. now, a check of weather and traffic. meteorologist mike nicco? >> yes, everyone. may gray but the next three hours nothing is falling. just a little drizzle. our camera shows the clouds over san francisco and the breeze blowing inland with quick are sunshine and warmer temperatures, starting out at 48 to 54 and 80 inland neighborhoods with more on that in the forecast. frances? >> yes, good morning, everyone, a shot of the golden gate bridge


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